exacts, exacting, exacted
1) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n Exact means correct in every detail. For example, an exact copy is the same in every detail as the thing it is copied from.

I don't remember the exact words...

The exact number of protest calls has not been revealed...

It's an exact copy of the one which was found in Ann Alice's room.

Derived words:
exactly ADV-GRADED usu ADV with cl/group, also ADV after v

Try to locate exactly where the smells are entering the room...

The system worked perfectly, exactly as his training and plans had led him to expect...

What exactly goes wrong with those suffering from senile dementia?...

Both drugs will be exactly the same...

Barton couldn't remember exactly.

2) ADJ: ADJ n (emphasis) You use exact before a noun to emphasize that you are referring to that particular thing and no other, especially something that has a particular significance.

I hadn't really thought about it until this exact moment...

Do you really think I could get the exact thing I want?...

It may be that you will feel the exact opposite of what you expected.

Derived words:
exactly ADV ADV n/wh

These are exactly the people who do not vote...

He knew exactly what he was doing.

3) ADJ-GRADED If you describe someone as exact, you mean that they are very careful and detailed in their work, thinking, or methods.

Formal, exact and obstinate, he was also cold, suspicious, touchy and tactless.

4) VERB When someone exacts something, they demand and obtain it from another person, especially because they are in a superior or more powerful position. [FORMAL]

[V n from/for n] Already he has exacted a written apology from the chairman of the commission...

[V n from/for n] They, too, would be likely to exact a high price for their cooperation.

5) VERB If someone exacts revenge on a person, they have their revenge on them.

[V n] She uses the media to help her exact a terrible revenge. [Also V n on n]

6) VERB If something exacts a high price, it has a bad effect on a person or situation.

[V n] The sheer physical effort had exacted a heavy price...

[V n on n] The strain of a violent ground campaign will exact a toll on troops.

7) See also exactly
8) PHRASE: PHR with cl/group You say to be exact to indicate that you are slightly correcting or giving more detailed information about what you have been saying.

A small number - five, to be exact - have been bad...

I consider myself to be a liberal democrat, or to be more exact, a democratic liberal.

English dictionary. 2008.

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